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[sticky post] Welcome!

Welcome to my LiveJournal page!

The blog features my translation of Níluó's novels, along with whatever else I do along the way. If you're a regular here and like what you find, do spread the word ;)

P.S. Friending is welcome. No need to ask for permission or anything :)

A Cruel Romance

A Cruel Romance by Níluó

"This is the story of a lonely young man.

This young man comes from wealth and prestige, is well-endowed in both appearance and temperament, is a warlord by profession, and has no unhealthy avocations. In the opening of this romance, he is in the course of performing military service in some desolate dump, making a living from pillaging neighbouring towns and moonlighting as an opium dealer."

*Pleased be warned that mature themes such as graphic violence and adult content will appear. The story contains homoerotic elements.

List of Characters

Volume One

  1. | Commander Ho and His Deeds |

  2. | Li Shih-Yao |

  3. | Lan Bai-Shan |

  4. | Good Men and Bad Men |

  5. | Preoccupations |

  6. | Futilty |

  7. | A Cold Moonlit Night |

  8. | Disappointment |

  9. | Transgression |

  10. | Commotion |

  11. | Investigation |

  12. | Departure |

  13. | To Hsian |

  14. | Unrest in Hsian |

  15. | The Fire of New Year |

  16. | Dead End |

  17. | Defeat |

  18. | Chao Hsiao-Hu's Ambition |

  19. | Night Raid |

  20. | Manhunt |

  21. | Resignation |

  22. | Guests from Afar |

  23. | Bai Su-Ch'en |

  24. | A Dream Awakens |

Volume Two

  1. | Peking |

  2. | A Small Conflict |

  3. | Tientsin |

  4. | Dinner Party |

  5. | Dissent |

  6. | Deceit |

  7. | Life in Jehol |

  8. | A Grave Mistake |

  9. | Buddha Bless Me |

  10. | An Old Friend |

  11. | A Sudden Development |

  12. | Brandy Woes |

Miscellaneous Entries

Niluo Bibliography
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Copyright © 2008-present by Niluo
Translation copyright © 2010-present by S.L. Llian

NOTE: please do not redistribute, repost, or do anything along those lines without me or the author's consent. I'm always open for questions and comments, and Niluo can be reached through her Weibo.
Found this chart on ye olde Baidu Baike, probably dating back a few years since it only covers Niluo's earlier works. Whoever made this deserves an actual medal... Edit: the chart was created by hawqueen!

(Don't worry about spoilers unless you're able to identify Chinese names in their original form.)

IMAGECollapse )


Or is happening, and here’s a trailer of it:

Since I read the original novel years ago I honestly can’t remember much other than it’s mostly about an immortal conman running around exorcizing spirits and slaying vengeful ghosts/zombies/other occult beasties while doing sweet domestic things with his significant other(s), and it’s most definitely het, although a lot of people insist that the first volume, which this show is based on, I think, is about a threesome.

No, I haven’t seen it, but if you wish to you can search for 无心法师 or “Wuxin the Monster Killer” (What. Yes. I don’t even know.) on the video sharing site of your choice.


Niluo Bibliography